Artist Statement

My painting practice is not entirely separate from my musical practice. I am a concert cellist who performs in a range of styles from 17th century pre-baroque, through baroque, classical, romantic, up to present day “classical,” popular, and modern styles. I think this immense style range is a big influence on my painting: I love all of the possibilities, and I don’t like to exclude any that might be effective at expressing what I want to express. Consequently, I have not attempted to focus on the development of a single signature style of painting. To the extent that painting is an expressive act, I find that for me, using a wide range of modes of expression is more fulfilling than maintaining a more singular style. I have chosen to work mostly with various types of acrylic paints, on a number of different surfaces, as a versatile medium, capable of producing classic oil painting techniques and print-style flat graphics, in a range of textures and fully saturated colors.

I also produce ceramic and photographic works, which I consider to be complimentary forms of expression along with painting. With musical performance in the mix, I feel that I have access to a rich abundance of expressive media.